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Common Risk Factors of Substance Abuse Disorders


Drug addiction or substance abuse disorders affect a person’s brain and behavior. These cause the inability to control the use of legal or illegal drugs. As a provider of rehabilitation services in Maryland, we have seen these conditions affect people of all ages, sex, and economic status. However, certain risk factors affect the likelihood and speed of developing an addiction.

Some common risk factors we encounter in our PRP programs in Maryland include:

  • Family history of addiction
    It can be more common in some families and may involve genetic predisposition.
  • Mental health disorders
    Having a mental health disorder such as ADHD or PTSD can make a person more likely to become addicted to drugs.
  • Peer pressure
    This is a strong factor in starting to use and misuse drugs especially in young people.
  • Lack of family involvement
    Difficult family situations, a lack of parental supervision, and a lack of a bond within the family can be a contributing factor.
  • Taking a highly addictive drug and early drug use
    Certain drugs such as cocaine and opioid painkillers may result in faster development of addiction than other drugs. Using drugs at an early age can also increase the likelihood of progressing the addiction.

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