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Sugar Addiction: Signs, Symptoms, and Treatments

Sugar Addiction: Signs, Symptoms, and Treatments

Most of us are still riding the holiday high of candy canes, hot cocoa, peppermint patties, and other holiday sweets. Sugar is America’s favorite drug. And as harmless as it looks, eating too much sugar can lead to a number of unwanted complications.

People who consume too much sugar from their diets increase their risk of developing obesity, diabetes, and heart disease, with chances higher in sugar addicts.

However, as sugar is still necessary for our bodies to function normally, we can’t give it up entirely. What we can do is identify the symptoms of sugar addiction and find ways to stop and treat it.

Signs You Might Have a Sugar Addiction

  • You hide your sugar habits from friends and family
  • You need more and more to satisfy your cravings
  • You eat sugar even when you’re not hungry
  • You always crave sweets
  • You crave salt foods
  • You try to quit and have unusual symptoms
  • You use sugar to self-soothe
  • You’re aware of the potential consequences but eat sugar anyway
  • You go out of your way to get sugar
  • You have feelings of guilt about eating sugar

Effective Ways to Treat Sugar Addiction

We at PRP Learning Center of Baltimore, an advocate for effective psychiatric recovery in Maryland, understand how difficult it is to cope with an addiction. It’s something that takes time, love, and understanding to treat — and definitely won’t disappear overnight.

Which is why our agency offers a variety of psychiatric rehabilitation services in Dundalk, Maryland to ensure that those in need get appropriate treatment and care.

All our PRP programs in Maryland are customized to treat a patient’s specific condition.

For details about our rehabilitation services in Maryland, please contact us today.

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