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Support System: Being There for Someone in Need

Support System: Being There for Someone in Need

The society we live in is an environment where mental health problems can thrive. People are becoming more disconnected, the pressure is building up, and competition is higher than ever. In this pressure-cooker of a world we live in, anyone can be a victim. As an institution that provides services on psychiatric recovery in Maryland, one of our objectives is to make people more sensitive to mental health. Here are some tips to help you interact with someone struggling:

  • Ask how you can help.
    Offering your help can do so much for someone who is struggling. Having someone listening to them express their difficulties can help in making them feel better. Apart from that, offering help makes them feel that you acknowledge the difficulty of their situation. This makes them feel that their emotions are not invalidated.
  • Refer them to psychiatric rehabilitation services in Dundalk, Maryland.
    When someone is genuinely struggling, the best thing would be to refer them to an expert that can help them. A lot of individuals are afraid of getting help because they fear being stigmatized by people who are not open to mental health. If they know that you support them to seek help, they will most likely have more courage to reach out for help.
  • Understand their limitations.
    Someone struggling won’t be able to function normally as a healthy human being. Similar to when the body gets sick, when the mind gets sick, the ability to get things done becomes affected. The mental condition of the person you know might make it difficult for them to get out of bed, do assignments or tasks, or even get out of bed. As a part of their support system, you must be understanding of their condition. Do not scold them or call them lazy for not doing anything. There are a lot of things going on in their heads that you don’t understand.

If you know someone who may need PRP programs in Maryland, refer them to us here at PRP Learning Center of Baltimore.

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