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The Four Main Types of Social Support

The Four Main Types of Social Support

Social support is one of the pillars of a successful recovery for individuals who have persistent mental illness and those with substance abuse issues. As a provider of Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services in Dundalk, Maryland, this is something that we will always stand behind and promote.

At our PRP Learning Center of Baltimore, we brief the loved ones and family members of our patients of the ways they can properly fulfill their role of being a support system. Specifically, we practice these four main types of social support:

  1. Emotional Support

    Inarguably the most common type of support, emotional support is simply being there for your loved ones. This is a tool that’s specifically helpful in their Psychiatric Recovery in Maryland. In these cases, your presence matters the most. You can show this by simply saying “I’m here for you” or just listening without judgment.

  2. Practical Help

    Practical help refers to the basic, immediate aid that you can offer your loved ones such as money or food and help with household chores such as cooking and child care, among others.

  3. Sharing of Points of View

    Part of our PRP Programs in Maryland is this seemingly simple exercise of sharing different points of view. This is helpful for situations where your loved ones are clouded with confusion as to what to do. Offering another perspective will help them reevaluate their choices and how they are approaching their issue at hand.

  4. Sharing Information

    As long as the information imparted is one that’s verified either by the experts in the field or something that was experienced first-hand, sharing information will always be necessary. This works by mainly giving your loved ones’ options in the hopes that these can bring about the confidence that things will be better soon.

These four types of social support are part and parcel of our Rehabilitation Services in Maryland. We hope to improve the lives of our patients for the better through a combination of our expert psychiatric care and personalized support.

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