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What You Should Know About Eating Disorders


In today’s culture, the obsession of wanting to look a certain way because of peer pressure or the media can influence the way individuals manage their eating habits. Sometimes, the pressures of either school or work can be a factor, too. It can severely affect a person’s mental health to the point where their habits eventually turn into serious illnesses. It might drive you to a situation where you might end up needing psychiatric rehabilitation in Dundalk, Maryland.

We want to point out a fact that eating disorders are not choices, trends, or phases. They are serious and fatal. There are three official categories of eating disorders as stated by the Academy for Eating Disorders. We at PRP Learning Center of Baltimore, a provider of rehabilitation services in Maryland, will give you more insight on these categories:

Anorexia Nervosa

Those with anorexia do not maintain or have a body weight that is normal or expected of their age or height. They are fearful of weight gain, and their thoughts and feelings about their figure affect their self-esteem and sense of self.

Bulimia Nervosa

Those with bulimia experience binge-eating episodes which are marked by eating an unusually large amount of food. It is then followed by attempts of “undoing” the consequences by using unhealthy behaviors, like misuse of laxatives, enemas, diuretics, self-induced vomiting, severe caloric restriction, or excessive exercising.

Binge-Eating Disorder

This disorder is more common among those who are overweight or obese. Individuals who have a binge-eating disorder do not counteract their behavior using fasting methods or purging on calories.

These are merely general facts about the three kinds of eating disorders. If you are in need of psychiatric recovery in Maryland, we have professionals that will guide you on your road to overcoming your mental illness. You are not alone in your struggle. We are here to help you get through it.

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