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Detach, Recover, and Regain

Detach, Recover, and Regain

In the prevalent age of the internet and social media, it is easy for us to hide behind our masks of anonymity and judge or bully others based on their appearance or actions. But sometimes, we fail to reflect on the fact that the person behind the computer is a human being too.

According to, suicide is the third leading cause of death among young individuals. Victims of bullying are more like to consider committing suicide than non-victims. Though this statistics encompasses all aspects of bullying, it is still crucial to think about how accessible it is for bullies to affect a person behind their anonymity and how easily it could spread to others.

There have been many organizations and attempts at ceasing this ugly practice. But as much as possible, it’s best that we exercise caution as well. Not only for ourselves but also with the people around us.

If you think the negativity people throw at you is fatally affecting your mental health, it is probably time to disconnect from the internet. Take some time off from the toxicity that comes with it. Also, if ever you have a loved one suffering from severe depression and may have been triggered due to anything in the world wide web, it may be time to tell them to detach from it as well.

In this day and age, it may be hard for some of them to tear away from their screens. Some build their personas online after all. But if ever you are within the area, rehabilitation services in Maryland may be a way for you to regain your sense of self and find other outlets where you can still connect with other people without relying on the internet.

Always remember that seeking help is not a weakness. You can visit the PRP Learning Center of Baltimore where psychiatric recovery in Dunkalk, Maryland is available. We also have PRP programs in Maryland you can take part in.

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