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How Rehabilitation Works and How It Could Help You

How Rehabilitation Works and How It Could Help You

Mental health disorders are often treated with two aspects: the actual treatment itself and rehabilitation. Treatment entails the medication, therapy, counseling, and hospitalization part. This is akin to bringing down the body temperature when one has a fever.

The psychiatric rehabilitation aspect focuses on helping the person return to an optimal level of functioning and to achieve their life goals. Although not all mental illnesses require rehabilitation, many patients may find rehabilitation services in Maryland essential to the treatment cycle.

PRP programs in Maryland focus on the following:

  • Assessing what the person is capable of (skills, strengths, and abilities)
  • Accepting the limitations caused by the illness
  • Identifying what support the patient needs to get back to a functional life

Psychiatric recovery in Maryland does not just end with a rehabilitation session or two. The involvement of the family is extremely important to the rehabilitation process. The positive and active support of family members forms the most effective part of this process.

Are you looking for psychiatric rehabilitation services in Dundalk, Maryland? We at PRP Learning Center of Baltimore can help you with your chronic and persistent mental illness. We also help individuals with mental illnesses who are simultaneously experiencing co-occurring substance abuse issues.

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