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Myths about Mental Health: Fiction to Truth


The improper knowledge can result in a loss, including lost time, lost money, and regrettably even a lost life. We must be aware of the realities when it comes to one’s health. The truth can guide us in making the best choice for our health and the health of those we care about.

On the same page, we must watch out for fake stories that are spread readily by modern technologies.

Our well-being has always depended heavily on our mental health, but in recent years, awareness of this issue has only grown. Misconceptions and myths, however, still persist. Sort out fact from fantasy to protect your family and yourself.

Fiction: Mental health problems do not affect children.

Truth: Anyone can suffer from mental health issues. The initial symptoms of mental health disorders can be seen in teenagers as young as 14. There should be no excuses for mental distress’s early warning symptoms.

Fiction: Violent behavior is a hallmark of mental illness.

Fact: Mental health problems can show up in a variety of ways, from violent behavior to silence. Mentally ill people could come across as helpful and successful in society. That is why psychiatric rehabilitation programs are available to help them.

Fiction: Mental health issues are caused by personality disorders.

Fact: Personality has little to do with one’s mental health, which is affected by a variety of factors including heredity, experiences, brain chemistry, and trauma.

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