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Looking Beyond Scars

Looking Beyond Scars

The nature of self-harm can be hard to understand. Nonetheless, it is a matter that should be taken seriously. It’s not always easy to identify if a loved one is committing self-harm. However, it can happen to anyone, even the people whom we least expect would do such. If you are worried about someone, it is necessary to readily help them.

As a provider of psychiatric rehabilitation services in Dundalk, Maryland, we have provided tips to follow to help someone who self-harms:

  • Let them know that you care.
    Be a friend, and do not be judgmental. Ask the person how they are feeling and listen with an open mind. Understand that it can be a long and difficult journey to stop doing self-harm. Thus, avoid overreacting, giving ultimatums, or be demanding as these are unhelpful and won’t make things any better. Always reassure them that you are there for them and that there also other places to get support.
  • Help identify triggers.
    A person may self-harm when triggered by situations, events, and emotions. Offering to help them be aware of these triggers may increase the likelihood for them to cope, avoid, or make a choice to engage in non-harmful alternatives.
  • Encourage seeking professional help.

    Understanding that this is a matter that needs to be properly addressed, it is also important to consider comprehensive treatment options. Seeking professional help from rehabilitation services in Maryland, for instance, may help accomplish following:

    • Identifying underlying issues associated with self-harming;
    • Learning skills to manage distress; and
    • Formulating healthy problem-solving skills.

With extensive experience in rehabilitation and recovery services, the PRP Learning Center of Baltimore offers PRP programs in Maryland to help address the needs of various individuals.

We also offer psychiatric recovery in Maryland to better uphold mental wellness. Call us today!

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