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The Dangers of Romanticizing Mental Illnesses

The Dangers of Romanticizing Mental Illnesses

In this modern age, topics regarding mental health have been gaining popularity as people are becoming more accepting of mental illnesses. People are starting to understand that the threats of mental illnesses are real, and just like the body, the mind can get sick, too. As a provider of psychiatric rehabilitation services in Dundalk, Maryland, we encourage the emphasis people are giving to mental health and illnesses in the present day. However, we also recognize that the quest for mental health awareness is still far from finished as a lot of people are still romanticizing mental illnesses.

What Is Romanticizing Mental Illnesses?

Many are not yet able to grasp the reality behind mental illnesses. Depression is not just being sad; OCD is not being clean, and anxiety is not being worried. A lot of people these days do not understand the magnitude of these diseases and tend to use mental illnesses as descriptions of how they are feeling. Mental illnesses are not just mere feelings. They are diseases that require intervention similar to our rehabilitation services in Maryland. Likening mental illnesses to mere feelings can negatively affect those suffering from mental disorders.

How Is Romanticism Damaging to Mental Health Patients?

When people romanticize mental illnesses, it downplays the experience of a patient. When the perception of depression is normalized to just having a bad day, it will be difficult for those who actually suffer from depression to gain the support they need. They will find it hard to open up, thinking that people won’t understand how they feel. When this happens, even when someone needs our PRP programs in Maryland, they might think against seeking help because they think their struggles are misunderstood.

Ultimately, romanticizing mental illnesses is a step backward to the cause of mental health awareness. To truly help mental health patients, it is important to have a genuine understanding of their condition. If you require psychiatric recovery in Maryland, please do not hesitate to seek our help here at PRP Learning Center of Baltimore. You are not alone.

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