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What Does a Healthy Support System Look Like?


Whether you are recovering from a long hospitalization period, substance abuse, or a mental health disorder, having a support system is an essential part of fast recovery.

That said, a support system isn’t only just about having people around, it needs to be a healthy place of comfort, too.

So, what does a healthy support system look like?

As a provider of psychiatric rehabilitation services in Dundalk, Maryland, allow us at PRP Learning Center of Baltimore to list down the characteristics of a healthy support system; seek out one that is better for you.

  • Accountability
    Especially helpful when you are recovering from a substance use disorder, a healthy support system will hold you accountable for your actions, push you forward, not tolerate any self-sabotaging behavior, and encourage you to complete your rehabilitation services in Maryland or elsewhere.
  • Fellowship
    A healthy support system is one that can engage in fellowship with you. Because mental health and psychiatric disorders are still stigmatized to this day, fellowship can be cathartic, as this allows you to feel less alone and motivate you to move forward in your psychiatric recovery in Maryland.
  • Open-mindedness
    Even in fellowship, your experiences will still differ from those of your support group. That is why maintaining open-mindedness is necessary for a support system.

Does your support system embody these traits? Or do you struggle to define your own support system this way?

Remember, it is okay to actively look for a healthier support system even beyond your family and loved ones.

Our PRP programs in Maryland can equip you with emotional tools and practical strategies so you can face your recovery journey head-on. Contact us today to know more.

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