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Why Romanticizing Mental Illness Should No Longer Be Edgy


Nowadays, people think throwing around suicide jokes is cool, or find it funny to use the term “bipolar” even if it’s just a minor mood swing. Why though? Suicide is one of the top leading causes of death, and some of the people who committed any crime have been diagnosed with a severe mental condition. So why do people think this is cool or edgy?

Should we blame it on those who make money off of it by flashing it on our screens? How about those writing it in literature or posting about the subject on social media and forming it to be a part of their aesthetic?

Maybe we should; maybe we shouldn’t.

There are others who exploit the topic. There are others who have their hearts in the right place.

But one thing is for certain, mental illness is real. It is felt and suffered by those we least expect. With whatever triggering or harmful content found on the Internet, the actions we do in real life, or the words we speak, we are held accountable for their influence and impact.

Maybe it’s a good thing; maybe it’s a bad thing.

But let it be our duty as human beings to respect those who are actually suffering from it. We should do our part in giving them the help and support they need to overcome their demons and get the treatment that they need to live better.

Let us get rid of the stigma that paints depression as a way of getting attention or fame. Let us remove the idea of suicide as a form of sensationalized entertainment and see it as an issue that needs to be solved. Let us move to show beauty in a way that the person uplifts those they influence and that they are both mentally and physically healthy.

The suffering of others should no longer be an exploited trend. As an old saying goes, we should be the change we want to see in our world today.

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