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International Survivors of Suicide Day 2019

International Survivors of Suicide Day 2019

According to the World Health Organization, approximately one million individuals die from suicide every year. These suicide victims leave their loved ones behind. Annually, the families and friends of suicide victims from around the world come together for healing and support. This annual celebration, called the International Survivors of Suicide Day, happens every Saturday before the American Thanksgiving.

The global event started through the efforts of Sen. Harry Reid, whose father died from suicide in 1999. He urged the U.S Congress to create a national observance to remember those who have committed suicide. The annual commemoration also promotes mental health awareness and takes steps to fight mental health issues.

Psychiatric rehabilitation program (PRP) is a conventional method to treat and heal mental health problems, including depression. PRP programs in Maryland, for instance, understand the nature of suicide and the factors that lead a person to depression. Furthermore, the PRP Learning Center of Baltimore helps individuals battling with depression by analyzing and assessing the myths that revolve around suicide.

Depression, the major driving factor of suicide, may reflect the experiences of an individual, from his family life to his school environment to his relationships. If you notice your friend, family, or relative showing signs of depression, seek immediate help from professionals who provide psychiatric rehabilitation services in Dundalk, Maryland. Depression needs professional intervention as soon as the symptoms show up.

As a family or friend, you can also do something to help your depressed loved one. Listen to what they say and remain open. People with suicidal thoughts need someone to talk to and vent out their burdens inside. Avoid solving their problems. Instead, confirm their suicidal thoughts, and let them talk about it. This will let you know the right steps on what to do next.

If all options fail, seek help from a psychiatric recovery in Maryland. This way, professional psychiatrists can help them heal their pain inside.

If you know some people suffering from depression, contact us right away. We’ll help them find solutions to what they’re going through.

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