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Women Battling with Depression

Women Battling with Depression

This Mental Health Month, we raise awareness about the prevalent mental illnesses in our country. One common mental illness is Depression. Although people of all genders and sexualities suffer from mental illness, women are twice as likely to develop clinical depression, according to WebMD.

Nearly two-thirds are unable to get the help they need. If you know anyone in need of rehabilitation services in Dundalk, Maryland, PRP Learning Center of Baltimore is ready to help.

So why are women most likely to experience depression at some points in their life? As a provider of psychiatric rehabilitation services in Dundalk, Maryland, we’ve gathered some information as to why this occurs:

  • Some experts say that it could be due to changes in hormone levels that occur throughout a woman’s live.

    Such changes can be observed during the woman’s puberty, pregnancy, and menopause stages. Hormone fluctuations occur with each menstrual cycle, causing what is known as premenstrual syndrome (PMS) or premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD). Those with PMDD may experience depression, anxiety, and mood swings a week before menstruation, which could interfere with their normal functioning of daily life.

  • There are other several factors that could put women at risk of depression.

    Some of these include a family history of mood disorders, the loss of a parent before 10 years old, loss of social support, and physical or sexual abuse as a child, among others. They can also get postpartum depression after having their baby or depression during their pregnancy.

Is your mother, daughter, sister, or female friend going through depression? Are you noticing some behavioral or physical changes? It’s never too late to get them screened and give them the help that they need.

If you are in need of psychiatric recovery in Maryland, you can turn to our professionals for help.

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